Pool Vacuuming, <br>What It Means

Pool Vacuuming,
What It Means

When your swimming pool tech vacuums your swimming pool, he uses a large professional-style vacuum. This vacuum differs from a personal swimming pool vacuum or crawler-style, that you might own yourself.

The vacuum that your swimming pool service tech uses does not connect to your swimming pool's circulation system and so the water and debris that is pulled in does not go through your swimming pool's filter. A professional swimming pool vacuum has its own filter, which removes particles larger than 50 microns (.002"), then circulates the filtered water back into your swimming pool. Anything smaller than 50 microns will need to be filtered out by your swimming pool filter.

As a point of reference, 50 microns is about the diameter of a human hair. The limit of human visibility is about 40 microns. Pollen can range from about 15 microns to 200 microns.

If you have your own swimming pool vacuum (or an automatic "crawler" vacuum), these circulate water through your swimming pool filter. Most swimming pool filters remove particles in the 10-20 micron range (depending on the type of filter you have).

Your swimming pool may look a little cloudy after your pool tech leaves because brushing and vacuuming will unsettle fine debris that was clinging to the swimming pool surface. Your swimming pool filter should remove particles that remain suspended, but some will inevitably settle back onto the bottom of the swimming pool. For this reason, it may take more than one service appointment to completely clear a cloudy swimming pool.

Also, you may notice more cloudiness in your swimming pool during pollen season and/or if your swimming pool's surface is getting older and starting to wear.

All professional swimming pool service companies use similar equipment, so this will be the case regardless of what company you hire.

You can request that your pool service technician use a flat vacuum (the kind that connects to your swimming pool's circulation and filtration system) but because this is a bigger job and requires significantly more time (20-30 minutes), your pool service technician will probably want to know in advance and there is an additional charge for this.

A better option might be to rent a crawler-style vacuum. PPH Pool Services offers automatic swimming pool vacuums for sale or rent at very competitive prices. We have both new and refurbished vacuums depending on your needs and budget.

Your pool service tech is only at your home once per week. Having an automatic vacuum running around your swimming pool will ensure that debris that settles to the bottom of your swimming pool gets picked up between visits.

If this is something you are considering, call us and we can discuss your options.