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"This company is second to none. I highly recommend them based on their care and attention to the property they are attending, as well as their thorough attention to detail to the pool in question. Consistency and quality is why I would book this company in on a regular basis.”



"I've been using this pool service for a few months now and they do an amazing job. They always show up and keep my pool sparkling clean. I always get a report with pictures after they leave too. Definitely recommend. Isaiah Dewberry my most recent pool tech did a great job" 



"They went way beyond the call of duty to fix [our hot tub] problem. My swimming pool always looks great and now, thanks to their expertise, I have a great working tub again too. Highly recommend this company." 



"[Our tech at Glass Pool Co] has been outstanding. He’s been regular. He comes in does the job with intention ( not haphazardly). He notices irregularities and reports them. Glass pool co. Has done a great job training their service staff."


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Pool Services Seminole FL

Not sure where to begin when it comes to working with a pool cleaning company? We have a range of services to choose from, but ultimately, we can help advise you on the best pool cleaning service for your home.


Weekly Pool Cleaning

Our licensed technicians come to your pool weekly to balance water chemicals and maintain your pool equipment. You will receive a report of the services performed.
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Green Pool Clean Up

Out of balance pools can begin to grow algae and turn green/black. Our technicians are trained to bring your pool back into balance - and make your pool clear as glass again.


Equipment and Plumbing Repairs

Pool equipment can be stubborn to repair or replace. Our trained repair technicians can help diagnose and repair any damages to your pool equipment with speed and ease, making sure your pool maintenance is simple.

Commercial Pool Cleaning

In need of a large-scale pool cleaning? Commercial pool cleaning can be more complicated than residential pool cleaning because of the sheer size difference. Balancing chemicals for a pool that sees many people coming in and out of it each day is crucial to keeping clean water.

Glass Pool Co. has the knowledge and experience in commercial pool cleaning that allows you to take a step back and relax. Chemical balancing is a true science, especially where commercial pools are involved. The more people, the dirtier the pool gets. Set up a regular rotation with us and keep everyone happy with crystal-clear water all year round!

Pool Equipment Repairs

Keeping your pool maintained starts with the proper tools. Having a pool vacuum and fully functioning filters can keep your water clean longer. But what happens when one of those things stops working?

You don't have to jump to any conclusions about replacing filters, pumps, or even vacuums. Simply call Glass Pool Co.! As your partner in pool maintenance, we almost always have a solution that will help you get your pool equipment back in good shape! We want to work together so that you always have a shimmering pool, no matter what.

Why Hire a Professional
Pool Service Company?

At some point, almost every swimming pool owner questions whether they should manage the swimming pool themselves or hire a pro. The short answer is that most people will benefit from hiring the services of a professional swimming pool service company providing you hire qualified people who really know what they’re doing and offer guarantees.

The fact is that most homeowners who decide to do the job themselves, do so because they think it will save them money. Those people very often become frustrated and unfortunately, they frequently find that they didn’t save as much as they thought they would, or worse, that it actually ended up costing them more!

Cool Off From the Florida Heat

It's no surprise that Seminole, Florida sees high temperatures almost all year long. Florida is known for its tropical climate, which is why so many people have pools! One of the best ways to beat the heat is to take a nice dip in your pool with friends and family, but the more you use your pool, the dirtier it gets.

That's because body oils, dead skin, sunscreen, and debris all pollute the water and weaken the chemicals used to balance it over time. When the weather spikes, you want your pool to be ready to go. That's where Glass Pool Co. comes in! With our help, you can automate your pool services so that the party never has to stop!

Sunshine & Swimming All Year Long

The sunshine state stays nice and hot for most of the year, which means that you get to enjoy the comfort of your backyard for more than just the summer. Make a splash with friends and family by showing off your pristine pool. Routine pool cleaning from Glass Pool Co. gives you that sparkling clean that makes your backyard the talk of the neighborhood.

Floridians spend plenty of time outside, especially in the water. Between sunscreen, accidental spills, sweat, and more, your pool could use some T.L.C. Glass Pool Co. services the Tampa Bay area to keep everyone feeling refreshed when spending a day in the water. Sit back, relax, and let us take care of the dirty work.


When it comes to letting someone come around your home, you want to make sure that you’re selective. At Glass Pool Co., our technicians undergo rigorous training and screening to ensure that you receive the best service possible. Not only do we pride ourselves on our ability to give you great service, but we also pride ourselves on the extensive knowledge we have of pool equipment repairs and maintenance. 

For pool services that you can rely on, turn to Glass Pool Co.! We prioritize your safety and convenience, and we tailor our services to you. Instead of risking balancing your pool chemicals on your own, let the experts handle it.

Seminole, Florida

Most widely known for Lake Seminole Park, the town caters much to those looking to get outdoors. With tropical weather and bodies of water, there's no reason not to have a great day in Seminole!

Seminole is considered part of the Tampa Bay area, which means there's also plenty of urban life nearby. Whether you are looking for great spots to go out and eat or want to find some fun places to shop, the area is full of charm.

Check out the boardwalk, many parks, and museums to get a taste of what life in Seminole, Florida is all about!