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Safety Harbor

Glass Pool Co proudly serves customers in Pinellas, Pasco and Hillsborough Counties, Florida.

We provide swimming pool service to customers in the following Pinellas County cities: Safety Harbor, Clearwater, Palm Harbor, Dunedin, Ozona, Oldsmar, and East Lake.

Did you know that humans lived in Safety Harbor as far back as the Stone Age? In June 2008, a 6000-year-old spearhead was discovered in Safety Harbor providing evidence humans have inhabited this area for a very long time.Today Safety Harbor is home to over 17,000 people and offers something for everyone.

Summer Never Ends in Safety Harbor, FL!

There's a reason pools are so popular in Florida. Safety Harbor gets the sunshine and summer heat almost all year long, making it feel like a vacation that never ends! Your pool is your escape from the heat, so keeping it in tip-top shape is key to maintaining your personal oasis.

Keep your pool clean with ease by partnering with Glass Pool Co.! It's no secret that everyone wants a crystal-clear pool; make it easy by hiring a pool company who knows exactly what your pool needs in order to shine like no other.

The Best Pool Cleaning Service in Safety Harbor FL

Regular pool service is not only a huge chore, but it's also more complicated than it seems. Messing up your pool chemicals can result in corrosive water that can burn your skin and eyes. Leave the science lesson up to the experts!

Glass Pool Co. has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve an immaculate pool that provides you with the relaxation you deserve at the end of a long week. Take a dip knowing that your pool is clean and balanced with Glass Pool Co.


"This company is second to none. I highly recommend them based on their care and attention to the property they are attending, as well as their thorough attention to detail to the pool in question. Consistency and quality is why I would book this company in on a regular basis.”



"As new pool owners they have been invaluable in helping us learn about our pool.”



"I would highly recommend PPH. They are very professional, caring and helpful. We aren't at our house full time yet and when their technician noticed one day the water level was down due to no rain and evaporation, Patrick went over to the house to run the hose and bring water level up."


About Safety Harbor

Downtown Safety Harbor has a laid-back charm with quaint, independently owned shops and restaurants.

For the art enthusiast, The Safety Harbor Art and Music Center and Whimzeyland provide creative colorful, feasts for the eyes. Syd Entel Galleries on Safety Harbor's Main Street, contains the most extensive art and glass gallery on Florida's west coast, from artists around the globe.

If you love Craft Beer (what's not to love?), check out the Crooked Thumb Brewery. There's space for the kids to play while the adults enjoy a beverage or three. With a broad assortment of interesting and creative beers on tap, there's sure to be something you'll like.

There are numerous parks in and around Safety Harbor that offer opportunities for exercise, or just a relaxing stroll or picnic.

Phillipe Park is Pinellas County's oldest park and home to a historical landmark known as "Temple Mound" which was built by the original Native Americans who settled here. Phillipe Park spans 112 acres along a mile of shoreline.

Downtown Safety Harbor's Waterfront Park is the place to be for 4th of July fireworks. Its long pier offers a great place for fishing, walking or taking in the sunset.

If you are looking for a more ambitious workout, the Ream Wilson Trail offers a 13-mile trail extending through Cliff Stephens Park all the way `to Clearwater.

Safety Harbor hosts festivals throughout the year from the monthly third Friday Music Series to the Market on Main to multi-day events, making this one of Safety Harbor's most popular things to do. Safety Harbor is home to the historic Espiritu Santo Springs ("Springs of the Holy Spirit"). Its waters were given this name in 1539 by the Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto, who was supposedly searching for the mythical Fountain of Youth.

The Safety Harbor Resort and Spa now sits on this site and continues to be a prominent visitor attraction in Pinellas County (also not a bad spot for us locals to treat ourselves for a day). So, go ahead, explore and enjoy your community and let PPH Pool Services take the worry and the work out of caring for your swimming pool. It will be sparkling clean and waiting for you when you get home.

With so much to do in Safety Harbor and the surrounding area, why spend your valuable free time cleaning and maintaining your swimming pool? Your swimming pool should be a source of fun and relaxation, a place to be with family and friends.

Leave the swimming pool cleaning and maintenance to the pros at Safety Harbor's PPH Pool Services. We guarantee that your swimming pool will be clean, well maintained and properly balanced so you can simply enjoy the benefits of swimming pool-ownership.

Why Hire a Professional
Pool Service Company?

At some point almost every swimming pool owner questions whether they should manage the swimming pool themselves or hire a pro. I have a more comprehensive answer to this question in the FAQ section, but the short answer is that most people will benefit from hiring the services of a professional swimming pool service company providing you hire qualified people who really know what they’re doing and offer guarantees.

The fact is that most homeowners who decide to do the job themselves, do so because they think it will save them money. Those people very often become frustrated and unfortunately, they frequently find that they didn’t save as much as they thought they would, or worse, that it actually ended up costing them more!

Pool Maintenance Made Easy

You have enough chores to keep up with in your daily and weekly life. Let yourself take your pool service off the list. By working with Glass Pool Co., you can receive regular pool maintenance and take the hassle out of keeping your pool sparkling clean.

Experts in the Area

A reputable, qualified swimming pool service company can take care of a swimming pool more efficiently than most homeowners. We have the knowledge, expertise and tools to balance the swimming pool chemistry, regularly clean your filters and do needed repairs as they arise and we can usually spot a potential issue before it becomes a more expensive problem.

Every week we speak to people who were trying to manage the swimming pool on their own or who hired some low-cost, unqualified or fly-by-night swimming pool service company whose mistakes will now cost more than the money they thought they were saving.

Add to that the time that you give up that could be better spent with loved ones doing things you'd rather be doing. Time is the one commodity that you can't bank or get back.

Glass Pool Co wants to maintain your swimming pool so that you can spend time doing what you want to do.