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This company is second to none. I highly recommend them based on their care and attention to the property they are attending, as well as their thorough attention to detail to the pool in question. Consistency and quality is why I would book this company in on a regular basis.

Carolyn Jursa

As new pool owners they have been invaluable in helping us learn about our pool.

Jackie Smith

I would highly recommend PPH. They are very professional, caring and helpful. We aren't at our house full time yet and when their technician noticed one day the water level was down due to no rain and evaporation, Patrick went over to the house to run the hose and bring water level up.

Helene Hildebrand

Sunshine & Swimming All Year Long

The sunshine state stays nice and hot for most of the year, which means that you get to enjoy the comfort of your backyard for more than just the summer. Make a splash with friends and family by showing off your pristine pool. Routine pool cleaning from Glass Pool Co. gives you that sparkling clean that makes your backyard the talk of the neighborhood.

Floridians spend plenty of time outside, especially in the water. Between sunscreen, accidental spills, sweat, and more, your pool could use some T.L.C. Glass Pool Co. services the Tampa Bay area to keep everyone feeling refreshed when spending a day in the water. Sit back, relax, and let us take care of the dirty work.

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Pool Services Treasure Island FL

Not sure where to begin when it comes to working with a pool cleaning company? We have a range of services to choose from, but ultimately, we can help advise you on the best pool cleaning service for your home.


Weekly Pool Cleaning

Our licensed technicians come to your pool weekly to balance water chemicals and maintain your pool equipment. You will receive a report of the services performed.

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Green Pool Clean Up

Out-of-balance pools can begin to grow algae and turn green/black. Our technicians are trained to bring your pool back into balance - and make your pool clear as glass again.


Equipment and Plumbing Repairs

Pool equipment can be stubborn to repair or replace. Our trained repair technicians can help diagnose and repair any damages to your pool equipment with speed and ease, making sure your pool maintenance is simple.

Why Hire a Professional
Pool Service Company?

At some point, almost every swimming pool owner questions whether they should manage the swimming pool themselves or hire a pro. The short answer is that most people will benefit from hiring the services of a professional swimming pool service company providing you hire qualified people who really know what they’re doing and offer guarantees.
The fact is that most homeowners who decide to do the job themselves, do so because they think it will save them money. Those people very often become frustrated and unfortunately, they frequently find that they didn’t save as much as they thought they would, or worse, that it actually ended up costing them more!

Experts in the Area

A qualified pool service company can take care of pools more efficiently than most homeowners. With the knowledge, expertise, and tools to back us up, we can balance your pool's chemistry, clean filters, and perform necessary repairs.

There are regular pool service companies, and then there's Glass Pool Co. We've heard the horror stories of people trying to clean their pools on their own and accidentally creating corrosive water, and we've heard of the unqualified companies whose mistakes have ended up causing much more harm than good. One thing you can always count on at Glass Pool Co. is our expertise.

Dive Into Crystal-Clear Waters!

Your pool is your prized possession in the Florida heat, but keeping it clean can be such a pain. Your pool vacuum only works half the time, then there's trying to balance the chemicals, plus a faulty filter. When will the projects end?

While pools are almost a necessity in Treasure Island, Florida, they sure are a chore. Lucky for you, Glass Pool Co. can help restore your clear, glassy water! With a team of experts who have extensive experience and knowledge about what it takes to keep a pool clean, we can help simplify some of the annoying tasks involved with pool maintenance.

Quality Pool Service in Treasure Island

When it comes to your home, you want to be confident in who you bring around. Glass Pool Co. is made up of a team of professionals who value your comfort and safety at all times. Choosing a pool company in Treasure Island is simple: Go with Glass!

As your neighbors in the community, we know exactly how to treat Florida pools, and our plans are tailored to your pool's unique needs. With varying amounts of use throughout the year, we can help keep your pool looking pristine all year round.


Many people like to think that chlorine kills everything, so there’s no need to worry about a professional pool service. As long as you skim it every so often, it should be good, right? Not exactly. Pool chemicals wear off, especially when a pool is getting constant use. In the summer, jumping in and out of the pool trails in debris, hair, dead skin, body oils, sunscreen, and more. All of this ends up polluting your water, leading it to look like there’s a film covering the surface.
Keeping a pool cleaned is almost like a science, and without the proper knowledge, you could end up with corrosive water. Glass Pool Co. helps you get your pool crystal-clean while balancing the chemicals and repairing any damaged pool equipment. Whatever your pool needs, we can do!

Treasure Island, Florida

Just north of St. Pete beach, Treasure Island is just that: a treasure. With white sand beaches and breathtaking turquoise waters, it's no surprise that people are willing to travel from all over to come and visit this stunning area.

Just like other parts of Florida, many people wind up making Treasure Island their permanent home base thanks to the amazing tropical weather. That, and the pirate lore that pervades the area. Visit Treasure Island to enjoy the beaches, and who knows? Maybe you'll discover buried treasure along the way!