Set Up Your Customer Portal

Glass Pool Co. is eager to present Customer Portals! Now, you can see all your pool reports in one place - no need to keep track of all of those pesky emails.

Setup Instructions

In an effort to be the most transparent company in the industry, we have partnered with Pool Brain to bring you best-in-class reporting tools. Now, you can view every repair or weekly service done to your pool in one easy-to-use place. Follow the instructions below to start tracking your pool!

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Step 1

Navigate to Customer Portal

To navigate to the Glass Pool Co. customer portal, please click the button below. Keep in mind - to access the portal in the future, please look under the Contact tab of our website

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Step 2

Register Your Portal

To create your customer portal, click the "Register Here" button in the bottom right corner.

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Step 3

Enter Your Email

To link your account, please enter the email address that you have on file with us (this should be the email that you receive our reports with). Then, click "Register".

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Step 4

Click the Link Sent to Your Email

You will receive an email with the subject "Email verification link". Click the link in the email to complete signup.

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Step 5

View Your Portal/Job History

To view full reports of every time we have ever serviced your property's pool, click the Job# links under "Job History". This will show you the work that was performed at your property on that date, the chemical readings of your pool, and photos of our visit. You can also leave job feedback for your technician!

Have multiple properties with us? You can see reports from every property we service for you. You can even search by name and address to find the specific pool you are looking for in the main portal feed.