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Glass Pool Co proudly serves customers in Pinellas, Pasco and Hillsborough Counties, Florida.We provide swimming pool service to customers in the following Pinellas County cities: Oldsmar, East Lake, Dunedin, Ozona, Palm Harbor, Safety Harbor, East Lake, and Clearwater.

As owners of Glass Pool Co, we love Florida and we especially love the Tampa Bay Area. We feel so grateful to live and work in this amazing place.

One of the best things about Tampa Bay is, of course, great weather which allows us all to use our swimming pools most of the year, but year round beautiful weather provides opportunities to do many things around Oldsmar and East Lake.


In the Sunshine State, the pool parties never end! Keeping up with your pool maintenance is key to keeping your pool the oasis you want it to be. No one wants to deal with the green algae and the oily film resulting from sunscreen applications.

Glass Pool Co. is your solution to finding the best pool service Oldsmar FL has to offer. With a professional pool company on your side, you free up your time and keep your pool looking gorgeous and glassy all year long.


"This company is second to none. I highly recommend them based on their care and attention to the property they are attending, as well as their thorough attention to detail to the pool in question. Consistency and quality is why I would book this company in on a regular basis.”



"As new pool owners they have been invaluable in helping us learn about our pool.”



"I would highly recommend PPH. They are very professional, caring and helpful. We aren't at our house full time yet and when their technician noticed one day the water level was down due to no rain and evaporation, Patrick went over to the house to run the hose and bring water level up."


About Oldsmar

In April, 1916, Ransom E. Olds, the founder of Oldsmobile, purchased 37,541 acres of land by the northern part of Tampa Bay to establish "R. E. Olds-on-the-Bay". The name was later changed to Oldsmar, then to "Tampa Shores" in 1927, and finally back to Oldsmar in 1937.

Oldsmar is home to Tampa Bay Downs, a thoroughbred racetrack and to Oldsmar BMX track, Tampa Bay Skating Academy and Tampa Bay Dance Academy (where our very own daughter attends dance classes six days per week). Oldsmar is also the community we call home. We love the central location that allows us to get to almost anywhere in a few short minutes and we love Forest Lakes Elementary, where our daughter currently attends 5th grade.

East Lake is a wonderful community comprised of the separate sub-communities of East Lake Woodlands, Lansbrook, Ridgemoor, Woodfield, Boot Ranch, and Tarpon Woods. This community is popular with families in part due to the quality of East Lake High School, which is an A+ rated school.

15 minutes from here will get you to Honeymoon Island State Park or 10 minutes to Horsepower For Kids, an Animal Sanctuary, Petting Zoo, Farm, Playground, Park, and Event Venue just over the county border in Hillsborough.

With so much to do in and around Oldsmar and East Lake, why spend your valuable free time cleaning and maintaining your swimming pool? Your swimming pool should be a source of fun and relaxation, a place to be with family and friends.

Leave the swimming pool cleaning and maintenance to the pros at Oldsmar's Glass Pool Co. We guarantee that your swimming pool will be clean, well maintained and properly balanced so you can simply enjoy the benefits of swimming pool-ownership.

Why Hire a Professional
Pool Service Company?

At some point almost every swimming pool owner questions whether they should manage the swimming pool themselves or hire a pro. I have a more comprehensive answer to this question in the FAQ section, but the short answer is that most people will benefit from hiring the services of a professional swimming pool service company providing you hire qualified people who really know what they’re doing and offer guarantees.

The fact is that most homeowners who decide to do the job themselves, do so because they think it will save them money. Those people very often become frustrated and unfortunately, they frequently find that they didn’t save as much as they thought they would, or worse, that it actually ended up costing them more!

Experts in the Area

A reputable, qualified swimming pool service company can take care of a swimming pool more efficiently than most homeowners. We have the knowledge, expertise and tools to balance the swimming pool chemistry, regularly clean your filters and do needed repairs as they arise and we can usually spot a potential issue before it becomes a more expensive problem.

Every week we speak to people who were trying to manage the swimming pool on their own or who hired some low-cost, unqualified or fly-by-night swimming pool service company whose mistakes will now cost more than the money they thought they were saving.

Add to that the time that you give up that could be better spent with loved ones doing things you'd rather be doing. Time is the one commodity that you can't bank or get back.

Glass Pool Co wants to maintain your swimming pool so that you can spend time doing what you want to do.

Glass Pool Co.- The Premier Pool Service in Oldsmar, FL

Your pool is your escape. But what happens when you see algae or a film on the surface? Glass Pool Co. helps you make a splash with our pool cleaning services. As a trusted pool cleaning company in your area, there's no easier way to achieve a crystal clean pool to keep your home looking and feeling like your personal paradise.